Outside School Hours Care

Before and After School Care

Our before and after school care programs allow you to have your child well cared for in the before and after school times.

Our Curriculum Leader, Lisa, and the Educators who carry out our programs take children’s interests into consideration and plan activities accordingly. The children are the decision-makers at our service, and choose activities they enjoy. We are also able to allow a quiet space for children to complete their homework, so it takes some burden of your family in the evening.

Nutritious, home-made meals are provided to ensure the children are kept sustained during their day at school or in the afternoon. Examples of meals include:

  • Weetbix with mixed fruit.
  • Warm fruit porridge.
  • Amaré-baked Apple Crumble with Oats and fresh custard.
  • Freshly baked Frittatta and salad.

Examples of activities we offer include:

  • Board game sessions.
  • Funky arts and crafts.
  • Masterchef cooking competitions.
  • Role play and drama.

We value our environment and walk to and from our closest local school, Anzac Terrace Primary School. We bring wet weather gear for the children just in case. For those children in schools that are not within walking distance, we transport the children with our Amaré vehicle.

Before School Care starts at 7am, with school drop off time dependent on each individual school. Cost is $20 per morning (Child Care Rebate and Benefit are applicable).

After School Care begins at the buzzing of the siren (dependent on each individual school), until 6pm. Cost is $30 per afternoon (Child Care Rebate and Benefit are applicable).

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Experience the Amaré environment first hand

The Amaré Approach


Our qualified speech pathologist recognises the importance of building early literacy skills for future success.

Little bodies

Fresh, nutritious food and an environment that helps our kids to exercise muscles, practice balance and develop coordination.

Emotional well-being

We provide a caring environment to give children the emotional support they need to develop resilience and face challenges.

Life ready skills

We work towards preparing your children for life, not just school. All of our programmes encourage a life-long love of learning.