Kindergarten (4 – 6 years)

Our Kindy is run by a fully qualified kindergarten teacher who conducts the class in accordance with the State Curriculum whilst upholding Amaré’s core philosophies

The focus in our Kindy room is to provide fun and varied learning opportunities for the children. These opportunities build on the life-skills of your child, promoting the love of learning in their early years.

Language and literacy

Children build on their pre-literacy and literacy skills and cement their letter/sound recognition to enable them to start to read. Book sharing is a big part of our Kindy program, where we explore:

  • Phonemic awareness (the skills required to read).
  • Story telling.
  • Elements of stories and books (beginning, author, order of events).
  • Learning concepts through books.
  • Letter shapes and formation of letters.

Mathematics and numeracy

We use a range of hands-on activities to build understanding of mathematical concepts and numeracy. Over the year, children will be taken on a journey including:

  • Real-life situations that involve numbers (eg. Playing shop, recognizing number shapes).
  • Learning concepts (eg. Division, subtraction, addition).
  • Number shapes and formation.
  • Learning about shapes.

Science and General Knowledge

Children learn best when they experience things for themselves, in a supported and encouraging environment. At Amaré Child Care, we do regular science ‘projects’, which provide information sharing and teamwork opportunities, working towards an exciting end.

Social and emotional development

Together, through the activities we do and people we interact with, we expose our children to:

  • Concepts of social behaviour and empathy– e.g. Particular actions have a positive or negative impact on others.
  • Resolving differences and conflicts in a respectful manner.
  • A wide variety of play opportunities, which support their overall development.
  • Empowerment to stand up against shame and bullying.

Upon graduation from Kindy, our children will be ripe and ready to take on the challenges that come with their next class and school – Pre-primary.

Experience the Amaré environment first hand

The Amaré Approach


Our qualified speech pathologist recognises the importance of building early literacy skills for future success.

Little bodies

Fresh, nutritious food and an environment that helps our kids to exercise muscles, practice balance and develop coordination.

Emotional well-being

We provide a caring environment to give children the emotional support they need to develop resilience and face challenges.

Life ready skills

We work towards preparing your children for life, not just school. All of our programmes encourage a life-long love of learning.