Play underpins all of our programs at Amaré. Influenced by the philosophies of Reggio Emilia and Montessori, we follow the lead of the children. We pair our play interactions with adult ideas, allowing our children learn about themselves, their environment and each other.

  • Through creative play, children expand on their imagination, and become experimental, curious learners.
  • Through social play, children learn from each other, and build on each other’s ideas.
  • Through communication play, children learn the precursors to reading – making words, rhyming, and syllabification.

At Amaré, all of our play-based learning has a strong emphasis on using natural, real materials.

Experience the Amaré environment first hand

The Amaré Approach


Our qualified speech pathologist recognises the importance of building early literacy skills for future success.

Little bodies

Fresh, nutritious food and an environment that helps our kids to exercise muscles, practice balance and develop coordination.

Emotional well-being

We provide a caring environment to give children the emotional support they need to develop resilience and face challenges.

Life ready skills

We work towards preparing your children for life, not just school. All of our programmes encourage a life-long love of learning.