Learning and support


Stephanie Wee is a qualified Speech Pathologist who understands the importance of book reading and story telling. This is why Amaré encourages reading and story telling, modelling of correct language, and early exposure to reading skills – e.g. Syllabification, first sound recognition and rhyming.

Little bodies

Little bodies need to be provided with the environment to explore their limits, stretch their muscles and move and groove. We have recently completed our new nature playground, equipped with chickens and natural materials for the children to learn about their environment and their own selves. The nature playground is also great for extending their muscle development, practicing balance and coordination.


All of our programmes relate to filling our children’s minds with information and curiosity – to encourage a love for learning. We work towards preparing your children for life, not just school.

Preparation for life involves learning to feel confident in their skin, learning to communicate, learning about what makes them feel healthy and well, while also supporting children to learn elementary skills like washing their hands effectively, tying their shoelaces and writing their names.

Emotional well-being

Above all, your children are well cared-for at Amaré. Many of our staff have children ourselves. Together with all the physical aspects of growing up, we believe in giving the children the emotional support they need so as to help them face the challenges ahead.

Experience the Amaré environment first hand

The Amaré Approach


Our qualified speech pathologist recognises the importance of building early literacy skills for future success.

Little bodies

Fresh, nutritious food and an environment that helps our kids to exercise muscles, practice balance and develop coordination.

Emotional well-being

We provide a caring environment to give children the emotional support they need to develop resilience and face challenges.

Life ready skills

We work towards preparing your children for life, not just school. All of our programmes encourage a life-long love of learning.