“They are what they eat.”

Amaré’s cooking is a central part of our school and we are very proud of it. All our staff hold certificates for food preparation and serving.

Menus are prepared the week ahead, incorporating cultural days, preferences of the children and the season.

The ‘recipe’ is simple – real fruit and vegetables, cleverly hidden inside children’s classics like pumpkin macaroni cheese, Amaré-baked zucchini brownies, lasagne and corn chowder. Lunch time at Amaré is often a silent affair, as the children get a good feed. Educators eat with the children, and explore the texture, taste, smell and enjoyment of the food.

Our Food Safety Program at Amaré is carefully adhered to, to ensure that our children’s growing tummies are kept happy and healthy. We follow strict food preparation, handling and cleaning guidelines.

Amaré is a registered Food Business with the Town of Bassendean. With this registration comes regular auditing of our practices.

Catering for all children

We successfully cater for ages 0-6 yrs in our kitchen.

For babies, we work with parents to plan the introduction of new foods when the children are ready. We cook and puree fresh fruit and vegetables for that day, depending on the child’s readiness and parents’ wishes.

We cater for vegetarians, food intolerances and allergies and for those children with specific religious beliefs.

We are a nut-free centre and our food handling certificates, Food Safety Program and regular internal and external audits ensure that the food we serve is healthy and safe for all of our children and educators.

Experience the Amaré environment first hand

The Amaré Approach


Our qualified speech pathologist recognises the importance of building early literacy skills for future success.

Little bodies

Fresh, nutritious food and an environment that helps our kids to exercise muscles, practice balance and develop coordination.

Emotional well-being

We provide a caring environment to give children the emotional support they need to develop resilience and face challenges.

Life ready skills

We work towards preparing your children for life, not just school. All of our programmes encourage a life-long love of learning.